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Quality Control

Rensheng is a rigorous, serious and responsible company. For product quality, we follow the following inspection standards:

1. For our own production of silicone oil fans, fasteners, and generator set assembly, our factory has a dedicated team of engineers to control the quality of our products. At the same time we also deal in original diesel engine parts and fuel system parts. All problems will be controlled from the design in the early stage of development. In product production, our quality engineer team is responsible for transferring qualified products to our product logistics warehouse. For exported products, our sales engineers will also check the products again, including quality, product name, quantity, and packaging strength for final inspection.

2. At the same time, when we purchase, we will strictly follow our procurement channels to purchase goods, and our quality engineers will conduct warehousing inspections to ensure the quality of accessories.

3. Our supply mode is an order-based procurement and sales mode, and our procurement and sales are completed in accordance with the internationally accepted SGS inspection mode. Throughout our procurement and logistics chain, we complete our supply process in accordance with SGS' inspection and quality control standards. Any quality problems will be easy to spot. At the same time, we promise that any quality problems caused by ourselves will allow customers to get timely and effective claims.

4. Rensheng's strict control of the quality of goods is to make our customers no longer worry about quality problems. Work with us and only care about your market and order follow-up.

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